Francisco Farias


01392 260 430

I am an architect from South America with a passion for design, spaces, nature, and a well-thought-out design process. I also have a PhD in BIM and Sustainability from Texas A&M University.

I’m lucky to have lived in four different countries, learning from them all has made my life so rich. My design experience covers many different sectors, masterplanning, education, transport, commercial, residential and leisure. I have contributed to a number of high-profile, architectural jobs, as well as research on BIM and sustainability, receiving some awards along the way.

I am now BIM Manager for LDA Design. I am developing Revit templates, building up our library and guiding the team in new design methods using Revit and automation through Dynamo.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my girls in our garden or playing guitar.



As an architect, I have been inspired by ...

The works of Frank Lloyd Wright, (consideration of the natural environment), Santiago Calatrava (inspiration from nature), and A. Gaudi (geometrical explorations), among many other isolated design examples.

One of my favourite walks is ...

Along the University of Exeter Campus, close to the ponds, where we get to see ducks and rabbits, and some beautiful species. And I love the view from my garden, as well.

My secret power at work is ...

My own drive to improve the ways we design with the help of technology.

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