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My early career focussed on landscape planning. In 1994, I moved to live in Melbourne, Australia where I played a small part in a process of urban transformation which saw a sleepy city turn into one of the most vibrant and liveable places in the world. This experience shaped my belief in the power of visionary and delivery focussed planning and design.

On my return to the UK, I completed a MPhil, which identified the key barriers to the delivery of sustainable development before joining LDA Design. This led to the concept of creative delivery, now a core LDA Design ethos: the belief that exceptional standards of design and creativity are not incompatible with a commercial and delivery focussed approach. The majority of the masterplans I have worked on are consequently being delivered.

I ride the occasional sportif, am a keen artist, and have latterly discovered a practical interest in building and craftsmanship.


Tell us something about LDA Design that no one knows ...

Friday nights in the Hourglass Inn, Exeter, sees some of the best creative thinking and CPD of the week. A hot bed of ideas and philosophies.

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

The founder of the Heriot Watt course, David Skinner, demonstrated the power of clarity of thought and rigor. Will Alsop opened my eyes to the shackles of convention.

My favourite walk is …

6.00am, sunny spring morning along the Hoopern Valley on the way to the train station with deafening birdsong coming up from the valley floor and the sun touching the hills over Exwick.

What nearly always works?

Get inside the head of your client and find a great narrative from the outset that becomes yours as much as theirs. Stay with the story.

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