Gethin Evans

Senior Consultant

01865 887 050

Prior to changing career to landscape architecture I was a research scientist in evolutionary ecology. I began my professional career at Atkins before joining LDA’s Oxford office in April 2015.

Projects have included the Oxfordshire Strategic Environment Economic Investment Plan which provided an intriguing insight into working with a forward thinking LEP to facilitate the development of a co-ordinated investment programme for beneficial environmental works.

More recently I have developed an Estate Management Plan for a historic estate, that is seeking sensitive development within the context of sensitive heritage assets. I am passionate about ecologically orientated design that reconnects people with their environment and in harnessing the multifunctional benefits of ecosystem services for the benefit of all.

Outside of work I enjoy sports and the great outdoors, experiencing different places and the natural world.


My favourite place is ...

South Cove in Battery City Park in New York for its integration of large natural rock elements into the fabric of the waterfront, creating a very successful public space.

I love the view from …

Looking upstream from Ogmore-by-Sea, south Wales, across the grazed salt marshes which create an interesting series of close cropped grass carpeted mounds and pools.

My favourite walk is …

A close one between the Pyrenees and the mountains of North Sicily. Both have unspoiled alpine wildflower meadows. The rugged terrain of the Pyrenees makes their discovery a particular delight.

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