Greg Meikle

Principal Consultant

0141 222 9780

I am a Chartered Landscape Architect who has always been passionate about the diversity and richness of landscape through growing up in close contact with nature and working the land. After completing my Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University and a number of years in private practice I joined LDA Design in 2017.

Here at LDA Design I am currently involved in the detail design of Sighthill Transformational Regeneration Area and its delivery on site. The project consists of a new parkland with associated public realm and ‘Civic Spine’ connecting the development with Glasgow’s City Centre.

As a Landscape Architect I am passionate about deriving underlying theories in design, taking advantage of the opportunities landscape can provide in creating unique places for future generations.

On a weekend you will find me pottering around in the garden or pursing a road trip exploring the Highlands of Scotland.


My favourite place is ...

Brooklyn, particularly the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The place has great character inherited from its industrial waterside past. The quirky variety of social and recreational spaces make the park a great place to be, it has a great buzz and of course an outstanding view of NYC across the Hudson River.

I love the view from ...

A local peak, Tinto Hill. Not the highest but easily climbable on a crisp Sunday morning to be rewarded with an outstanding view across my homeland. Rich in landscape character that many friends and family are responsible for working and maintaining.

As a Landscape Architect, who has inspired you?

Peter Latz and James Corner. Post-industrial landscape is a soft spot of mine.

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