Hannah Harkis


0161 3595684

I am an urban designer with over 10 years’ experience. After studying architecture at the University of Nottingham and gaining experience in the industry, I decided to follow my passion and move into urban design. I joined the LDA Design Manchester studio in 2022 and have been leading on some exciting regeneration-focussed town centre masterplans, masterplans for new, sustainable communities, as well as producing design guidance and codes for local authorities.

I am passionate about placemaking and creating high-quality environments that work for the future and meet current needs. I really enjoy the opportunity at LDA to work on impactful projects.

In my spare time, I like to be out and about with my family and enjoy travelling.


I love the view from ...

Any tall building in the city at dusk.

The last book I read was …

'Homo Deus, A Brief History of Tomorrow' by Yuval Noah Harari. It's about what the future could hold for our species, overcoming death and AI.

What nearly always works for projects?

Listening. To your clients, the local community, to your team.

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