Jeroen Dupont-Vernet

Senior Consultant

01733 310471

My journey as a landscape architect probably started when I was 15 with a summer job as a gardener in the prestigious Royal Waterloo Golf Club in Belgium. I loved working outdoors and started at a vocational school after that. Drawings and design came along the way and, with one thing leading to another, I graduated from the French National Landscape and Architecture School.

For the last eight years, I have been working in Marseille on a range of projects, especially public realm, from schematic design to construction. I love to imagine and create new spaces, and have the opportunity to see them almost grow out of the ground and then see people using, crossing and playing within them.

I’m now helping to push forward the designs for the public spaces for Barking Riverside. I love the enormous scale of this project and the high expectations on details.

I’m a fan of the great outdoors and like to discover new places by hiking or biking.


As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

I would pay tribute to Sasha Hourwich, my mentor, who encouraged and supported me to enter the National School of Landscape Architecture. A maieutic master who made me push my boundaries.

I love the view from ...

My bike. It is fantastic to see your surroundings keep on changing. Biking is most certainly the best way to travel and to live in the landscape. A perfect connection with the elements around you, a good feeling of distance and height too.

What nearly always works?

A pen, a roll of tracing paper, some music and time to mature ideas. If not, it probably means that you need another coffee.

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