Jess Twigg


0161 3595684

I have a background in urban design and landscape architecture, previously working on a range of projects including town centre and high street regeneration, residential and mixed-use development and public realm frameworks.

I believe in a holistic approach to design, involving the collaboration of different stakeholders to create innovative and successful public realm and spaces.


I love the view from …

The top of The Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District. The panoramic views are especially beautiful in the winter, with the snow topped hills.

My favourite tree species is …

Acer Japonicum. I love the bright red colour the foliage of some varieties can bring to a late autumn landscape.

The last book I read was …

'Where the Crawdads Sing' by Delia Owens. The book is full of wonderful descriptions of the marshland and the nature where the book is set. It follows the story of a girl who grew up there, and a mystery that occurs in the marsh, putting her at the centre of an investigation.

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