JJ Watters

Principal Consultant

01223 949054

I am a chartered landscape architect with over eight years’ experience working on parks, town centre regeneration and public realm schemes. Since starting at LDA, I’ve been involved in several exciting projects including a sustainability-led redevelopment within Cambridge Science Park and a new culture centre and market place in Blyth.

I am particularly interested in landscape representation and have had several of my drawings published over the years, most recently in ‘Architectural Design’ and ‘Testing Ground’. A good illustration is hard to get right but is such an important part of what we do.

I love being outside and used to run and ski a lot, less now I have children! In my spare time, I like to garden and build things. I’ve recently moved to Cambridge and have much more space to experiment.


As a Landscape Architect who has inspired you?

I was really inspired by Harold Fisk's maps of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River - illustrations that depict landscape change over time on such a big scale. They are beautiful images in their own right (I have one on my bedroom wall) but also so technical and clever.

My favourite walk is ...

Anywhere on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. This is where I grew up and I feel a huge sense of calm when I am up on the hills around my house.

The last book I read was …

'Neuromancer' by William Gibson. A book that is supposed to have defined the cyberpunk genre. Hard to believe it was written in 1984.

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