Jordan Baldock

Senior Consultant

0207 467 1470

I am a graduate of Urban Design from the University of Manchester, and have experience of working at a variety of design practices.

Since joining the LDA Design team, I’ve worked on a wide range of design commissions both in the UK and overseas. At present, I’m working on a scheme to masterplan a new district along the Moskva River in Moscow.

I have a keen interest in the role public space contributes towards urban place-making. For my postgraduate thesis, I researched factors for successful place-making, analysing how public space can support local social and cultural narratives.


I love the view from …

Mount Pleasant in Vancouver, and the contrast of a dense urban skyline and set against the snow-capped mountains.

The city's approach to urban planning is summarised in the term ‘Vancouverism’, which combines deep respect for nature with enthusiasm for busy, engaging, active streets and dynamic urban life. Vancouverism means tall slim towers for density, separated widely by low-rise buildings, and for streets that align with expansive views of the surrounding landscape.

The last book I read was …

'Municipal Dreams' by John Boughton.

If you could change one thing about your local high street …

Changes in how we used town centres, combined with a change in the way we purchase goods has pushed our high streets to the verge of extinction. The concept of department stores as commercial anchors in now outdated and a mentality of ‘diversify or die’ must be adopted. I believe future high streets should be centre points for the community and move away from exclusively commercial uses, and become home to a variety of uses such as pop-ups, educational facilities, art galleries and workshops.

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