Kate Raczkowska

Project Consultant

0161 359 5684

I joined LDA Design’s Manchester studio in 2019 after graduating with a master’s in Urban Design at Aalborg University in Denmark. Prior to this, I studied in Poland and Germany. Living in different cultural contexts has given me a unique design perspective. It has taught me to look at even simple things from different viewpoints.

My favourite thing about urban design is how it enables the rehabilitation of spaces, seeing post-industrial developments being given a second chance, transformed into new uses whilst keeping their beauty and character. I believe that the urban landscape should be designed in 3D as this is how it is experienced, and this has led me to becoming the studio’s 3D expert!

In my spare time, I like exploring local (and further field) landscapes, either by running or cycling. Sometimes though I am happiest cooking or baking for my family and friends.


My favourite place is ...

Seaside Boulevard in Gdynia, my home town, in Poland. It brings back lots of good memories and is a great place to spend time all year round.

I love the view from ...

Illum rooftop in Copenhagen. From there, you can see two main shopping streets coming together on an often crowded fountain square. Urban design in all its beauty!

The last book I read was ...

'The Little Book of Lykke' by Meik Wiking, a treasure hunt to unlocking the doors to the good life.

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