Kerttu Ots


01733 310 471

Since 2009, my work has focused on LVIAs in a variety of sectors but predominantly for wind farms. In 2018, I moved to New Zealand and enjoyed working in a different planning context.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with leading figures in the industry who have  influenced LVIA methodology and set a benchmark for industry standards, both in the UK and NZ. I am currently working on an Offshore Wind Farm Visual Assessment Guidance for Estonia.

I believe that the cognition of nature is the most fundamental aspect of what our industry strives to achieve. The environment doesn’t just surround us, we all have to be conscious of being part of it.

A cocktail of art, history, jazz, and opera keeps me fully entertained.








The last book I read was ...

Visual Amenity Aspects of High Voltage Transmission, which is about the aesthetics of pylons and wires.

I love the view from ...

The Bay of Naples of Mount Vesuvius, a view that captures the majesty and power of an active volcano dominating the scene.

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