Lucca Clark


020 7467 1470

I have a BSc (Hons) in Physical Geography from Exeter University and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of Edinburgh. My undergraduate dissertation researched carbon sequestration in mangrove trees, and in my final year master’s project, I created a universal language for understanding the dynamic landscapes of Iceland

Inspired from my physiography background, I am environmentally focused and believe in a landscape-led design approach to landscape architecture.

I enjoy painting, sketching, cooking and travelling. I love meeting new people and building valuable relationships.


I love the view from ...

On top of the North Yorkshire Moors. Beautifully bleak with heather stretching uninterrupted for miles.

The last book I read was ...

'Nature’s Palette' by Patrick Baty. A fascinating and beautifully curated book that was a key inspiration for my master's project.

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

The land artists Andy Goldsworthy and David Nash. The way they give agency and respect to natural materials through their art is inspiring to me, as well as their focus on ephemerality - designs in the landscape don’t always have to strive for permanence.

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