Manfredi Pedone

Project Consultant

01865 887050

I joined LDA Design in 2023 working in the Oxford studio.

I studied landscape architecture and urban planning in Italy and after a short time as a garden designer, I moved to the UK where I began working on urban masterplans and mixed-use schemes at various scales, often in the Middle East.

I am interested in designing healing landscapes for hospitals and healthcare facilities, and how landscape and good design can improve people’s everyday lives in towns and cities.

In my spare time, I love cycling, experimenting with flour, water and salt, and, when possible, sitting behind drums and cymbals!


My favourite green space is …

Port Meadow in Oxford. I love spending time there just simply walking or seating on the grass, it’s great to have such a big green space close to the city.

I love the view from ...

Rocca di Cerere, in Enna, Sicily, the view is amazing. It is possible to see almost the whole island from there, including Mount Etna. Google it!

What nearly always works for projects?

Calm, deep breaths and some heavy metal in the headphones.

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