Marina Solodova

Project Consultant

01733 310471

Before joining LDA Design, I worked as a landscape architect in Russia focusing on housing projects, healthcare and mixed-use development. My favourite part of the design process involves exploring local nurseries choosing rhododendrons, spruces, roses and orchard trees.

I went to Edinburgh University to further my studies in landscape architecture. For a recent research project, I used constructed wetlands as a means to clean water to create a resilient waterfront in Manhattan. I want to tell everyone that landscape architecture is not simply about ‘beautifying a place’; it is a process of creating complex, meaningful, resilient and dynamic systems.

I enjoy swimming, learning Italian and fishing with my family during the holidays.


My favourite greenspace is ...

A birch woodland near Saint Petersburg where I enjoy foraging for mushrooms with my family.

My favourite walk is …

Around the pond at the Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough. It has already become my favourite place to spend a weekend.

The last book I read was ...

‘Collins Complete Guide to British Trees’. It set me a goal to become a Hawthorn expert and explore some rare species around the country.

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