Marta Guerini

Senior Consultant

01412 229 780

My first passion was architecture: first environmental architecture and then landscape. A year spent in Lisbon drew me to conceptual planning within the public realm and urban context.

I love the creative side of what I do, but also the challenge of transforming ideas into reality through scientific reasoning. I refined my approach and interest in how people activate spaces whilst working with a not-for-profit back in Milan. I am now working on a new vision for George Street in Edinburgh.



My favourite place is ...

Israels Plads in Copenhagen: an absolute surprise, for the enjoyment that people visibly experience there, and the abstract purity of its concrete form; its great history, the fall into disgrace (turned into a lifeless car park for more than 60 years) and then back to being a vibrant and diverse place by hiding cars under the carpet!

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

I love how pure forms interact with light, the attention to detail and minimal style in the architecture by Peter Zumthor, Álvaro Siza and Aires Mateus); the low key, elegant and neat Scandinavian approach to detail, and the people focus of their landscape projects. I'm also inspired by the passionate approach of Gilles Clément.

I love the view from ...

Sitting on that branch of that tree in my favourite ‘miradouro’ in Lisbon, away from the crowds of tourists and overlooking the city, looking South towards the Tagus river. Absolutely mesmerising.

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