Mary Deguara


01865 887050

I joined LDA Design as a landscape consultant with more than two years of experience in practice, which I began during my bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture.

Creating landscapes that encourage symbiosis between humans and nature is core to my approach, making sure both can thrive together in the present and future.

In my free time, you can find me painting, cooking or planning my next adventure.


I love the view from …

The viewpoint at Pianemo, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This breath-taking spot reminds me how beautiful the natural world is and how much we need to protect it.

My favourite walk is …

Around the Shropshire hills where I have many fond memories as a child.

The last book I read was …

'City of Bits: Space, Place, and the Infobahn,' by W. J. T. Mitchell. This is an insightful exploration between physical public space and cyberspace and considers the impact the digital world is having on human interactions and experiences.

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