Nadine Alnajjab


01392 260430

I joined LDA Design in 2022 after graduating with a BA in Urban Design, Planning and Development from Oxford Brookes University. During my studies, I was also President and co-founder of our course society, UrbOx.

When not studying or at work, I enjoy spending time with friends, exploring new cities. You will also often find me speaking about my home, Palestine.


As a Planner, who has inspired you?

Although she is not a planner as such, I have always been inspired by Zaha Hadid, and the way she broke down boundaries in a male-dominated profession as an Iraqi woman with extraordinary designs.

I love the view from ...

Shams al Balad café in downtown Amman, overlooking the whole of Amman, the view on a summer morning cannot be beaten.

My favourite walk is ...

Along the river and through university parks in Oxford. The landscape is incredible, it is one of the few places where I enjoy walking in any weather.

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