Nicholas Bigelow


0207 467 1470

I am trained as both a landscape architect and urban designer, and have worked professionally in the UK, Sweden, and the United States on a variety of urban design and landscape architecture projects. I have also helped teach an advanced urban design studio focused on Chinese urbanism, and grown to be a strong advocate for ‘people first’ design.

Because of this hybrid background, I am a person who operates in the ‘in between’ spaces: the space between research and practice, the space between the past, present and future, and more literally, the spaces between buildings. These spaces – whether mental or physical – inspire me, and I see them as having an important role in bringing together both people and new ideas.

Outside the office, I enjoy spending time with family, working on my ‘mini-farm’, and travelling. I travel most often to the US to visit my family on the open plains of South Dakota or to the Basque region of Spain to enjoy pintxos with my wife’s family.


My favourite landscape is ...

Any seaside. I love the distant views and the movement of water, and so often they are complemented by powerful landscapes.

As a landscape architect and urban designer, I am inspired by ...

The work of Jan Gehl and his contemporaries across Europe; the conceptual design thinking of the Netherlands and Scandinavia; and the beauty of the villages and countryside of the UK.

I love the view from ...

Any airplane, after take-off or before landing. I love seeing things from above. It almost always reveals a new perspective.

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