Oliver Kiddle

Principal Consultant

01392 260430

My degree in Design Engineering often involved looking at technical problems in isolation, and I became increasingly aware that the most compelling problems were large in scale. This led me to an MSc in Spatial Planning with a focus on the decision-making processes involved in urban development.

My first job was for an innovative urban design company in Rotterdam, a fantastic place for testing new ideas and approaches.

As an urban designer at LDA Design, I’ve been able to use this background to work on projects of various scales, including competition-winning masterplans, design codes for new neighbourhoods, and visioning exercises for places – always with a focus on deliverability without stifling creativity.

After relocating from the London office to Exeter, my wife and I acquired a sprollie called Biscuit who helps pull us up the hills of Dartmoor. I dabble in guitar and bass whenever my hands have recovered sufficiently from DIY injuries.


What’s been your proudest moment since joining LDA Design?

Having studied at University College London, it was a privilege to help shape the future of the new UCLE campus in Stratford and continue LDA Design’s involvement in the development of the Olympic Park.

What nearly always works?

Turn the plan 90 degrees and see how it reads.

My favourite walk is ...

The Exe Trail from Exeter to Dawlish, that takes you right through to the sea. It’s flat enough to make you feel fitter than you are.

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