Oonagh Pilkington

Principal Consultant

01733 310 471

Design communication has taken me to some interesting places and situations: hanging from the top of the Gherkin before the cone was put on, while designing the wayfinding system for the building; talking a client out of a pop-up booklet that explained the use of an intimate lady’s product (sometimes you need to look after your client’s brand and reputation by offering them something they had not considered); a photoshoot for a summer catalogue in the Dolomites while there was still snow on the ground: a logistical and creative nightmare or fun – it’s all in your perception.

My multidisciplinary design skills are a science as much as art. To interpret a problem requires rational thoroughness to break it down and question its reasoning and meaning, then the ability to attract, evoke and elicit a reaction in the viewer. A balance in both reason and emotion is the mysterious ‘magic’ that I bring to informing and engaging people.



I love the view from …

Half way up any cliff.

My favourite walk …

The simplicity of just you, your partner, the rock and nature. Nothing other than what’s immediately around you is of concern - a bliss you don’t often get. Oh yeah - and it must be time for my butties!

The last book I read was …

The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter. F. Hamilton.

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