Paul Connelly


01392 260430

I am LDA Design’s Director of Planning and Regeneration. I am a town planner with 22 years of wide-ranging experience and have been honing the company’s Planning offer over the past few years. I am responsible for both the growing team and delivering our wide range of Planning and related services.

I take a very positive approach to planning and plan-making, working with the development context, building relationships and managing both risks and opportunities to secure consents, to define strategies and to ensure implementable development schemes. I am passionate about creating urban and rural regeneration solutions that are genuinely able to sustain itself.

I have led some very challenging and enormously satisfying projects, across a range of sectors including public and private sector led regeneration, new communities, and major infrastructure and renewable energy schemes.

Spare time is focused on family, dog, kayaking, cycling, allotment and tatty old cars.


Interesting facts:

I employed LDA Design before they employed me.

Interesting facts:

I see regeneration as a simple case of dot to dot to generate the ‘confidence spiral’ and build the ‘web of resilience’. And I like making up new terms!

Interesting facts:

I love a fancy dress party…

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