Richard Feng


020 7467 1470

I joined LDA Design in 2022 after graduating with distinction in Landscape Architecture from the Bartlett, UCL.

My graduation project focused on exploring the ‘Terrain Vague’ in urban space and delving into the hidden history of the site. My creative design approach is rooted in a deep respect for the land and emphasises the interaction between people and landscape.

Since joining LDA, I have been involved in projects at different scales in the UK and overseas. It has been an enlightening journey, consistently fuelling me with fresh insights and inspirations.

Outside the professional realm, I enjoy exploring urban landscapes on foot and looking for restaurants or cafés where I can sit outside. I also like video games with grand and immersive sceneries, experiencing landscapes distinct from the real world.


My favourite place is …

A forest adjacent to the town of Altay, China. It has knee-deep snow in winter and dense spruce woodlands.

I love the view from …

A bench in Whitfield Gardens in central London.

The last book I read was …

‘I, Robot’ by Isaac Asimov.

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