Rob Ellis

Senior Consultant

01392 260430

I am an urban designer and architect. My experience across public and private sector projects in London, Sydney and the South West of England has shaped my approach to equitable and sustainable design, with consideration of the public good.

In London and Sydney, much of this work focused on reconciling local character with the demands of increasing density. Projects have ranged from designs for multi-unit housing developments in tight urban contexts, to school campus masterplans and urban design reviews for local councils.

I’m currently working on masterplan principals for Water Lane, part of the Liveable Exeter Strategy which is focused on transformative brownfield development.

When I’m not in the office, I’ll probably be outdoors: walking, mountain biking, paddle boarding or attempting to surf.


My favourite place is …

Sydney. The interaction between the harbour and city creates an incredible sense of place, although the city is grappling with a century of low-density, car-centric planning.

What nearly always works for projects?

Communication, both within the project team and externally.

If you could change one thing about your local high street …

Reducing the reliance on car parking and giving more space to people and trees - not revolutionary, but small changes would make a big difference.

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