Robert Pile

Trustee, Director

01865 887 050

I lead LDA Design’s Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management System.  I am an environmental leader with over 10 years experience, providing strategic environmental advice on projects ranging from small scale residential developments, garden villages, urban regeneration developments, renewable energy schemes through to nationally significant infrastructure questions at the right time.  I identify opportunities and deliver a better environmental outcome for projects and how we operate the business as a whole.

Outside of work I balance my time between my family, love of sport and need for adventure.  I’m currently cycling towards my goal of pedalling through every country in Europe, an ideal combination that combines all three!



My favourite cycle is ...

The route I took from London to Monte Carlo over the Alps back in 2012. Exploring a country by bike is a great experience and one that should be shared with friends and family. The constant changing scenery, eating as much as you like, interacting with the local people and culture all while on holiday and keeping fit.

I love the view from ...

The top of any ski lift. Being at the top of a mountain away from everyday life, everything seems a lot calmer and peaceful until you start the race back down to the bottom!

What is your secret superpower (at work)?

Fixing the stapler.

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