Sara Crichton

Senior Consultant

0141 222 9780

Since starting at LDA Design, I have worked on an exciting range of projects, including High Street in Glasgow, one of the city’s first forays into PRS, and on the high-profile George Street in Edinburgh where I’ve been particularly involved in stakeholder and public engagement. I am currently working on an extension to the parapet of Union Bridge in Aberdeen, which will help to deter suicides from this tragic spot.

When not at work, I can be found demolishing/rebuilding bits of my house, pottering in the garden and sailing, particularly around the west coast of Scotland.


I love the view from ...

The window seat in my kitchen. It’s at tree canopy height, so brilliant for watching the squirrels, the birds and the sunset.

The last book I read was …

‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’, exploring loneliness and the power of simple gestures to relieve those suffering from it. Loneliness is a serious and growing problem in our society and addressing this is something that should be at the forefront of our minds as we design for the future.

If you could change one thing about your local high street …

As my local high street is George Street in Edinburgh, I look forward to our project there progressing towards a design that will shake central Edinburgh out of its moribund and debilitating car-focussed state.

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