Sara Guiguet


01733 310471

I joined LDA Design in 2023 and am part of the administration team. I’ve always worked in Finance since leaving school.

In my spare time I’m a huge LEGO fan so I’m nearly always building something. My last build was an old-fashioned telephone box. I also enjoy cycling, walking, and going to Disney parks.  I’m also the proud mum to three mad cats.


What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever seen in a public space?

I went to Manhattan in New York in November 2001, and to this day I can still remember witnessing all the destruction as well as the smell. Something that I will never forget.

I love the view from ...

Being in an aeroplane up in the clouds. It takes my breath away every time I fly, as I find it totally incredible that a, I’m so many miles off the ground and b, how on earth does this plane stay up!

If you could change one thing about your local high street ...

There would be more shops selling LEGO.

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