Sofia Bergman

Principal Consultant

01392 260430

Since joining LDA Design in 2013 I have worked on projects from large scale strategic plans to detailed building design.

Most recently, I have been working on the strategic masterplan and site allocations strategy for Plymouth City Centre, testing development options for two specific sites that will have the potential to act as catalysts for the continuous regeneration of the city centre.

I am working on a masterplan (reserved matters stage) for a new residential development of 250 homes in Teignmouth, which involves detailed layout of the whole site as well as detailed design of the houses and the apartment blocks.

Outside work, I am busy running the local cycling campaign and taking dance classes.


My favourite place is …

The Western Harbour in my hometown Malmo, (Sweden). The regeneration of the harbour reconnected the city with the coast and was a key part in transforming Malmo from being a deprived city on the verge of bankruptcy to one of Scandinavia's most successful and vibrant cities.

My proudest moment since joining LDA Design was …

Winning an internal LDA Futures Competition with an entry for a new mixed-use development model; Co-Urbia, which would be delivered by CURB Development, a company that would be founded and run by LDA Design.

My favourite walk is …

Anywhere along the coast - nothing beats the view of the horizon.

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