Spencer Powell


0117 203 3628

I am a chartered town planner at LDA Design with experience of planning for large-scale renewable energy, residential development, placemaking and green infrastructure. Recent projects include co-authoring a report for the RTPI on the role of planning in achieving net-zero transport emissions, and successfully managing a portfolio of solar and energy storage infrastructure schemes from pre-planning through to determination. I have also worked on cultural placemaking and regeneration frameworks in Cambridge and Manchester.

I am particularly interested in how we can make planning more responsive to the climate emergency through better policy integration and a more strategic approach to growth, regeneration, and land management. Outside of work you’ll often find me wandering the city, possibly heading in the direction of a cosy coffee shop or sunny beer garden.


I love the view from ...

Anywhere along the Purbeck coastline.

The last two books I read were ...

‘Bring Up the Bodies’ by Hillary Mantel and ‘Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City’ by Richard Sennett.

I've never really understood why ...

I can’t do a forward roll.

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