Stefan Wolf

Project Consultant

01223 949054

I am a RIBA Part II Architect, having recently graduated from the master’s in Architecture and Urban Design at Cambridge University.  My approach to design is driven by an ambition to create spaces which function successfully on a personal, programmatic and spatial level.

My previous experience includes working for OMA in Rotterdam and for BIG in Copenhagen.

I joined LDA Design’s new Cambridge office in 2018 with an ambition to help it grow.  It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of a new team, as we look to define ourselves over the next few years.


My favourite place is ...

The 18th hole at my local golf club because it means I’ve nearly finished and will soon be at the bar.

As an Architect, who has inspired you?

I like the work of Felix Candela because he used simple methods to solve complex problems. He mostly designed roofs, one of the fundamental elements of architecture but one that is often reduced to flat and dull shapes. However Candela used hyperbolic and paraboloid forms and ingenious ways of casting concrete to achieve spectacular results. I think the grainy photograph of 'the umbrella', which has nearly 30 workers standing on a razor thin roof, is a particularly striking example of his work.

One of my favourite walks is ...

Through Grantchester Meadows in Cambridge, towards the Green Man pub

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