Susie Byrne


0161 3595684

I joined the Manchester studio as an associate in autumn 2021, establishing a planning presence in the North West. My career to date has spanned diverse challenges and geographies, from campus strategies in Southampton, the dreaming spires of Oxford to new communities in the Highlands.

For me, design is the thread that pulls together how we interact with our environment. I have a firm belief in the power of planning to allow people and nature to live together, so I am excited to work in a creative practice and draw on the depth of understanding of our natural world harboured at LDA.

Exploring Manchester again, I am discovering a whole side of the city that wasn’t there or I couldn’t afford when I was a student! I enjoy being active, and outdoors – running or finding a spot for a wild swim, followed by a trip to the pub.


I love the view from ...

My living room over to Kinder Scout, which is wildly different every day.

My favourite walk is ...

Loughrigg Fell, ending with some delicious gingerbread in Grasmere.

The last book I read was ...

'The Secret Life of Trees' ... fascinating how they communicate with each other and share their resources, just like humans.

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