Szymon Nogalski


01223 949054

In my work as a masterplanner and urban designer, I strive to create spaces where people will feel encouraged to socialise and stay awhile. I believe this is important not only because it results in nicer places to spend time and boosts our wellbeing, but also because it is instrumental in strengthening social cohesion and diversity.

I joined LDA Design in 2018 having previously worked on projects at all scales: from land promotion studies to large-scale masterplans, public realm strategies and transformational frameworks. I am particularly interested in providing strategic masterplanning and urban design advice for large landowners and local authorities.

Since joining LDA Design, I have been able to use all of my skills on the masterplan for the Lonquanshan Mountain in Chengdu, China, and in creating a vision for parts of the centre or Peterborough.



My favourite place is ...

Urbino - old and new. A true hidden gem shaped over centuries by remarkable people. Make sure you add it to your travel itinerary next time you are in Italy, you won't be disappointed.

As an Urban Designer, who has inspired you?

Inspiration comes from many sources, but there is one designer that strikes a chord with me: Sigurd Lewerentz, an ingenious and quietly visionary mid-20th century Swedish architect. His opus magnum, Skogskyrkogarden, The Woodland Cemetery, in Stockholm is a semi-wild, informal and emotive place, inspired by art, filled with meaning, complemented with carefully considered architecture. Far from sentimental picturesque, this space is somewhere between beautiful and sublime.

One of my favourite walks is ...

A winter walk on the Norfolk Coast. I love the vastness of landscape and being exposed to the raw elements.

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