Tanushri Bahl

Project Consultant

01865 887050

I am an urban designer and architect with a Master’s in Urban Design and four years’ experience of working in India on a range of projects providing sustainable design solutions and bringing ecological sensitivity and social inclusivity to public spaces. My design work is people-focussed and I’ve experience of community engagement and public participation. Recent projects include the planning of Aerotropolis near Chandigarh International Airport; a nature park revival in Mumbai; and pedestrian-focussed street designs. I have researched Indian landscapes and gardens for an exhibition.

In my free time I travel, sketch, and work on my black and white ink artworks, abstractions of built and natural landscapes as comments on the environment in the world today. I am also a trained classical dancer and practise often.


My favourite place is ...

Mandi House area near the National School of Drama in Delhi. The space is transformed by actors and artists. It shows how people and spatial design can complement each other to activate the public realm.

Who has inspired you?

As an urban designer aligned to landscape, I have been inspired by the social inclusivity notions of Jane Jacobs transforming public realm and the ecological sensitivity of Geoffrey Bawa.

The last book I read was ...

'Invisible Cities' by Italo Calvino. It has helped me to understand and imagine our cities and their varied dependencies through diverse narratives, and inspired me to develop artworks in diverse perspectives with people, culture and nature.

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