Tom McCreesh

Trustee, Associate

020 7467 1470

I have an architectural background, completing my RIBA Part I before making the jump to the greener pastures of landscape architecture. This allowed me to engage with the elements of design that I feel most passionate about: by integrating green infrastructure into schemes, we are making everyday lives substantially more pleasant, healthier and sustainable.

I like the range of projects available to work on at LDA Design: for example, I am currently working on both the public realm of Dublin’s largest single phased mixed use development and the redesign of a small neighbourhood garden square in Islington.


My proudest moment has been ...

The completion of a community-led pop up garden on an abandoned platform at Barbican Underground station. Commuters do a double take as this lovely vista of bright green and bright red appears out of nowhere.

My favourite walk ...

Through the stunning wilderness of Yosemite national park, culminating in an ascent up the imposing granite monolith that is Half Dome.

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