Tom Shopland

Engagement Consultant

01865 887050

I recently completed an MA in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College. My interest in landscape restoration led the focus of my MA research into nature-based solutions to water pollution, drought and flooding along the River Erme in South Devon. The kind of work I’d like to do going forward will build social and ecological resilience to climate change impacts, with a particular focus on water management.

Previous to the MA, I worked as a design facilitator on projects including Oxford’s first Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Florence Park and the European Space Agency’s new satellite control room. I am interested in co-creation design processes.


My favourite place is …

Porlock in Exmoor, Somerset. It's where I got married. You have the hills, rivers and sea all in one place. The mountain bike trails and pubs are great too.

As a designer, who has inspired you?

I spent the summer with the River Erme as my teacher and found the experience joyful, subtle and emotionally powerful. David Abram’s 'Spell of the Sensuous' is a mind opening read for students of nature.

If you could change one thing about your local high street …

There would be no cars and the concrete in the middle of the street would be returned to soil where a fruit forest would grow. There would be platforms at different heights in the trees where you could climb a ladder and sneak up with a coffee with your friend, pick an apple, spot birds and chatter away while you watched the street buzz below you.

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