Vasiliki Bei

Senior Consultant

0207 467 1470

I am an architect, specialising in landscape architecture. I have worked as a landscape architect in the UK, Greece and Ireland.  I have gained experience working in projects from very early concept stages to implementation.

I am currently leading two projects: Phase 3A of Battersea Power Station and CB3 Dublin. They are both exciting as they vary in type, scale and stage. On Battersea, my work includes technical design through to implementation. CB3 is a commercial project at early concept stage. I am helping to create a pedestrianised street, new plaza and a small park.

In my free time, I enjoy meeting friends, cooking, travelling and lying the sun when I can.



As a Landscape Architect who has inspired you?

I recently felt inspired by the work and approach of the artist and landscape designer Chloe Humphreys of Landscape Studio, a Nairobi-based practice. Their work focuses on projects in East Africa where, with a small budget, they create sustainable, engaging interventions in the landscape which are both beneficial for the ecosystem and the people that use them.

If you could change one thing about your local high street …

It would be to add more cycle lanes.

I love the view from ...

Anywhere with a sea view

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