Zhuorui Chen


01865 887050

I started with LDA Design in May after finishing my master’s in landscape architecture. I am interested in how landscape design can benefit wildlife and how a landscape architect can become a bridge between people and nature. I have experience at working at different scales.

In my spare time, I always enjoy time outdoors, with my friends or on my own; it relaxes and energises me.


My favourite place is …

Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, the wild scenery makes people feel peaceful and laid back, like in paradise.

As a landscape architect, who has inspired you?

Yoshinobu Ashihara. He was the inspiration for me to learn about landscape architecture and how to design in the very early stages, and this continues to have a profound influence on me today.

My favourite tree is …

Platanus Orientalis. Sturdy and long-living, Oriental Plane trees are witnesses of history. Their crown spreads wide, creating shade in parks and on campuses. This shade is like an enchantment, attracting people to stop and enjoy. A story said Platanus Orientalis is also the species of The Tree of Hippocrates, which gives this common tree species a romantic, ancient meaning.

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