For us, landscape is purposeful.
It is how we connect people and place.

We are LDA Design, an independent, 100% employee-owned consultancy of urban designers, landscape architects and planners working together to connect people and place through landscape.

For 40 years, we have held true to a single mission: to create great places  and shape the world around us for the better. Our origins lie in landscape architecture, and this strengthens all the services we offer. 

The original meaning of the word landscape is to create a place where people belong. For us, landscape is an active ingredient, a unifier, a healer. It is where memories are made and life enjoyed.

We follow the principles of first life, then spaces, then buildings. Whether the project is a park, a port, high-speed rail or a new urban district, we focus on the needs and hopes of the people affected. By leading with the landscape, and by putting people first, we create better connected, healthier and happier places where lives can easily overlap. We are green infrastructure pioneers.

We nurture a great team. Together, we have a voice that carries.

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We care deeply about the world around us and want to see a more equitable future. Our people are spirited employee owners who are never ordinary.

Employee ownership gives a voice to our 170-strong team in our eight offices.  We are guided by our values, always. 

At LDA Design, we don’t shy away from the big issues of the day, such as climate breakdown, densification, air pollution, loneliness and obesity. We seek creative, sustainable, viable solutions, drawing on the landscape to transform and to solve: creating stronger connections to nature wherever we can.

Our imagination fuels us.  We combine it with clear-eyed understanding of how best to manage delivery and change. We are distinct in how we marry the planning and design of place with the making of place. This brings with it the need to understand and anticipate development processes. We work hard to get great projects through planning and over the line, maximising social benefit. 

We love what we do and hope you do too.

We don’t shy away from the big issues of the day. Instead our imagination fuels us to seek viable solutions.

We are ambitious about what we want to achieve. Daily life at LDA Design is spirited and creative.

Westgate offers new views over Oxford
Sighthill is Scotland's largest regeneration scheme
Victoria Park, London

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