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The UK Government is committed to making Biodiversity Net Gain mandatory for new development. Protection and enhancement of the environment and biodiversity is fundamental to sustainable development and is a central element of the services provided by LDA Design.

Biodiversity and net gain must be integrated early into project feasibility and design in order to smooth the planning and delivery process and maximise the potential to create distinctive, high-quality places for people and nature. 

We help clients achieve this as part of our integrated planning and design service.

Can Net Environmental Gain pull off the  balancing act of stemming nature’s ‘great thinning’ without overburdening developers and slowing development?

Partnering with independent consultancy BSG Ecology, we go beyond just baseline ecological surveys and deal with biodiversity at all stages of a project from risk management at the concept stage, through to impact assessment and design of biodiversity mitigation and gain. We deal with legally protected species issues, providing high-level strategic advice, expert witness service in support of projects and ultimately implementation of habitat design.

We have a proven track record of successfully tackling complex ecological issues in a rigorous and commercially aware manner. For example as part of our masterplan for Waterbeach New Town East in Cambridgeshire which will deliver 4,500 new homes, we are creating a place to live that is in close contact with nature, with rich and varied habitats.

We worked on a management strategy to transform Network Rail’s lineside landscape into a functioning environmental and ecological asset, establishing more constructive partnerships with communities and responding to low carbon economy opportunities.

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At the core of our approach is our commitment to connecting people and place through landscape; a key component of which is biodiversity.

What have our biodiversity specialists been up to?

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